Jun 24 , 2020

Weave Extensions - How to take care of your weave

Weave Extensions

Most women use them to feel more confidence about themselves, some to make their hair thicker or longer or both.

What you buy them for is not that important, what matters is that you know what and not to put on them so your hair Extensions will last you longer and look it’s best.

To take care of your weave you don’t need to do too much and you don’t have to do nothing. The maintenance of weave various, depended on the type of hair if is human,blend ,synthetic, straight , curly or wavy.

In this article I’m talking about taking care of human hair extensions.

There are simple steps you have to take daily for you hair to look fabulous.

Many women think weave is equal doing nothing just wake up and go.  there is no weave like that, no hair will let you wake up and go.

You wake up and go when you got no hair or really short hair, that need no maintenance just water and some leave-in-conditioner and ready to go but if your hair pass you shoulder you need to do something to keep it going.

You will need a sulfate free shampoo or mild shampoo, a regular conditioner, a deep conditioner with a moisture based  so it will keep the hair soft, a leave-in-conditioner for everyday use and a little of oil for the tip of the hair when it start looking dull or having split-ends.

Sulfate free shampoo


Deep conditioner



Sulfate free shampoo is highly recommend for cleansing, moisturizing shampoo too is a good one if it’s both better.

Always use warm water , hot damages the cuticles of the hair.

Make sure you don’t rub it, scrub it or bunch the hair together when shampooing.

Comb through with a big tooth comb or fingers following the pattern of the hair, massage the roots in slow circular motions  then rinse completely and squeeze out excess water.

After you styled and use products on the hair for a long period without washing it, it will start to become too heavy  on the hair, therefore  you need to do a full lather.

Meaning let the shampoo penetrate the hair for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water, if hair is curly or wavy cold water is better to wash off the residue completely.

Wash it at least once every two weeks depending on what you use on and how you use it.

After shampooing  it’s a must to conditioner

When using conditioner the hair.

Applying conditioner is a must after shampooing cause it keeps the elasticity and moisture level of the hair.

Use a deep moisturized  conditioner, apply it evenly to the hair following the pattern of the hair and let it penetrate for approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

Use cold water to rinse off the conditioner.

Cold water adds shine and silkiness to the hair, it will also help to minimize static and damages when brushing.

Take a paper towel and gently dump the hair,the paper towel will keep the moisture ,it’s not heavy on the hair.

After that let it air dry or a low setting heat temperature and blow dry it till it’s completely dry.

Use a Deep Conditioner Masque Treatment every 3 - 4 weeks to bring your weave/hair extensions  back to life.

Let the deep conditioner masque penetrate for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse well with cold water and air dry or low setting blow drying.

When Brushing the hair.

It’s very important to brush the hair starting from the bottom end  and work your way up to the top.

Doing so won’t pull the hair and won’t tangle it.

Loosen hair from braiding can be tangled with the hair from the weft if wearing a saw-in and that can create an environment for bacterial growth so consider using dry shampoo regularly.

Make sure to brush the hair starting from the bottom then moving up to the upper part of the hair, towards to the weft as close as possible to reduce tangling and scalp damage.

Use a leaving-in-conditioner when brushing.

A Detangle leave-in-conditioner will be good, the more benefit it has in it the better it is for your weave/hair extensions!

Benefit such as add shine, add volume, heat protect, frizz control the more it got,  like I said the better it is.

When using heat on the hair.

Using frequent heat or chemically  treatment on the hair such as dying damages  it.

To treat heat  and chemically damaged hair, use acid-base shampoo for cleansing and follow with a deep conditioner and sometimes protein treatment and moisturize balance.

When using heat on the hair, electronic curing irons and flat irons are highly recommended for styling.

Keep in mind the following facts and control the temperature when using the heat.

Once the temperature hit 280 F, the heat starts to damage human hair cuticles.

Heat is not good for hair so is always recommended to use a heat protector before applying the flat or curling iron.

Using heat up to 400 F is manageable with extra care like heat protection, It protect the cuticles of the hair.

Do not use stove iron since is not possible to control the temperature.

Depending on the weather outside and the material of your clothing fabric, static might occur.

When it happens you can restrain it from, using oil or oil-based hair products but not a lot. or use water-based serums with a high moisture level or use styling products after mixing with water so it’s not to heavy on the hair. Use a little amount of it and apply it following the pattern of the hair.

Doing this will prevent the hair from hair shedding.

Usually when weave hair get old or as been installed for two o three weeks it can have split-ends.

When it happened it’s recommended to get someone that know how to cut hair to cut it for you.

Cutting the hair on your own not knowing what you doing can further damage the hair ends and cause more split-ends.

You can put a little bit of oil at the end to make it look good for the day.  There is no solution for it than cutting it, you can keep on putting oil daily if don’t wanna cut.

When going to bed cover your hair with silk bonnet, silk cap or silk scarf. Consider usi silk pillowcase too.


•If the hair you have is really good hair after you curl or flat iron washing with shampoo and apply conditioner hair retains moisture level, shine and original straight pattern or original curly pattern.


•try not to use products with alcohol on the hair,it tends to dry out the hair, if you have to use a product with alcohol make sure you use just a little not too much or like I said before it will dry out the hair.


•try your best not to use products with oil-based it tends to tangle the hair.if you have to use a product like that use just a little.

•wrap your hair with a silk cap or get a silk pillow cover when going to bed, to help maintain moisture and avoid the hair to dry out, if you have wavy hair try to twist or braid the hair on the pattern of the hair and cover with your silk cap.

•in the morning put some leave-in-conditioner in the hair and remind comb from bottom to top, if is curly hair or wavy use Fingertips or a big tooth comb starting from bottom to top.

PS:if you have any question leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP!!

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