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This platform is dedicated  to beauty products such as Weave Extensions, wigs, accessories and more.

Here you can lean how to take care of these products and how to get the best use of them

We welcome you once again!!



We are a family business ,A young couple who has  worked and still working in the beauty industry for a pretty long time almost a Decade. We been married for about four years and have two children seven and one, we very passionate about what we do that’s why we decided to create a platform where we all can lean from each other.

In this years my wife and I have leaned a lot about hair and it has become a passion, helping someone  to find a perfect comb, weave, wig, color, products for themselves  make us  feel good. We love the smile they have on their face after they find what they were looking for and what their heart desires.

We love what we do.



I work as salesman in one of the biggest beauty supply in new york and professional hair stylist  and my wife as a model for so long  that we understand  the needs of the customer and people.

There are a lot of women and men out there that don’t have much knowledge about how to take care of their hair real or fake, they don’t really know about what products they need or to use.

That’s why We here.  To help out.



The goal of this platform  is to help as many people lean about how to take care of their  Natural Hair, Weave Extension make batter choice and bring you the new trends and good quality products and service  when it comes to Hair.

Whether you want to  know how to take care of your  Hair/Extensions/Wigs or looking for a new extension, a new comb, a new brush, You are in the right place.

Extensions, Wigs, Makeups and Accessories can make you feel beautiful more than you are and there is nothing wrong about it trust us but most of the times they are or too pricey or not good quality, here we guarantee you only the best.

Beauty comes in many kinds of forms so are accessories and products.

There are a lot of products,accessories ,different kind of Extensions , Wigs and this is what we will be talking about on here so I can say we talk about beauty in general. anything you looking for or wanna know about, We here for you. You can ask.

On this platform We will break down beauty in all her differences and shades.

From hair to toe what you need, to shine and wake up like Beyoncé and good hair like Becky.

Our contest and blog will be update every week or two where We will add new products we think and know is good for you and your hair, that will make you feel the prettiest woman or man on earth and trust us again there are products out there that can make you feel the best of you.

We welcome you once again  to our website and we hope you find us useful and helpful .


Contact us at info@lashayasante.com or leave a comment under any post  or sand us a message if you got any questions or any doubts And we will get back to you ASAP!!

We here to help!

And remember you’re beautiful just the way you are!!